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Here are three simple reasons why you really should come to Christmas Eve at the Y tonight:

1) Focus

There are many different things that compete for our attention at Christmastime. When you come to the service tonight, you will have the opportunity to spend an hour remembering what Christmas is really about. You will be able to use this time – deliberately carved out – to praise God for rescuing you. There will be no outside distractions so you will be able to get to the heart of what Christmas really is.

2) Freedom

You will be able to spend an hour with no responsibilities. You won’t have to worry about work, school, family stresses, cleaning the house or anything else. You will be free to worship without trying to remember that “one more gift” or impressing your neighbors with your perfect Christmas lights. This will be a time for you to be refreshed and filled and up during an often hectic season.

3) Family

You will be able to spend time with people who love you and who love Christ. In other words, you will be with family. You will be able to talk over a cup of hot chocolate with people who care about you. There is no doubt that you can worship God on your own, but it’s not the same as being with others who care about you.

So I hope to see you at the YMCA tonight. Here are the details:

Where: The Children’s Area of the Chester YMCA

When: 5:30pm tonight

Who: You and your family


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