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This Sunday is the start of something new – something big. Real Life Fellowship will be having its first Sunday worship service in its new location. This is exciting! It is the beginning of a new chapter for the church. However, it can be the start of something fresh for you on a personal level as well.
You see, Real Life is not just a “church” that meets on Sundays. It is a group of people who are amazed by the love of God and who want to respond to that love by giving Him our lives. To this end, we support each other. We help each other in need. We are friends. We are family. And you are welcome to be a part.
If you are looking for a clean slate, a fresh start, or a new era in your life let it begin now. Plug in at Real Life and you will never be the same. Everything that we do is in response to the Good News that we have a God who is always on our side, who will never fail us and who proved that by laying down his life for us. Real Life is turning a page as we transition into a new worship space, and you are welcome to use this as a chance for personal renewal, refocusing or a brand-new commitment to Jesus.
More than ever, you are welcome to be a part. Your spiritual journey is more important to us than any building could ever be. So don’t miss the point: if you want to come and start fresh with Jesus, you are our priority. We are not celebrating a new building for its own sake. We want to celebrate the fact that God can use us in our new space for meaningful life-change. Come. Be a part. Let Christ change your life alongside of us – people who are coming to God together because we need Him.

10:19am on Sunday
2603 Osborne Rd, Chester, Va 23831

And if you are curious about how Jesus can meet your needs specifically, feel free to watch the videos found here.

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