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I knew that you wouldn’t be able to resist any post with a picture of cute puppies! You might have noticed that these puppies are in a group. And at Real Life, we have great groups for you to be a part of!

In fact, you need to be a part. We grow best when we are a part of a community that can support and encourage us. We grow best with friends. We grow best when we are accountable. In other words, we need each other. So, don’t miss out and don’t sell yourself short – join a group right away. Here are our Midweek groups that you can be a part of:

- Thursday Group: Meets at 6:30pm at 12212 Green Vista Ct, Chester. Food. Friends. Great discussion. All are welcome.
We are starting a new series this week called “Investigating Jesus.”

- Tuesday Lunchtime Group: Meets at noon at Zoe’s Kitchen in Willow Lawn, RVA. Engaging.  Interesting. Quick.

- Tuesday Evening Young Adults Group: Meets at 7:15pm at 3936 Creek Way, Chester. Fun. Thoughtful. Encouraging.
We are doing this group in partnership with Community Christian Fellowship and are discussing “Mere Christianity.”

Finally, if you can’t make it to one of these groups but would like to be a part of one, consider partnering with us to start one at your home or workplace. We can work together to do great things!

And if you would like to serve with the students, children or in the band – that can be a great group too!

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