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Thank You, Lord, for the life that You give

Through You alone I am, I breathe, and I live

I’m here only through your grace and your love

Blessed beyond measure by my King up above

But I must ask the question, “Am I thankful enough?”


I consider the cross where you took all my sin

I envision the tomb – your broken body within

Then, with joy, I remember what next occurred

“Death’s power is broken!” – the Gospel I heard

How can I say “thank You!” for forgiveness assured?


Teach me to be grateful for your work in my heart

Help me to give you my all – not just a part

You have given me new life – not just new birth

So give me courage to live like you did on earth

With gratitude responding to your glorious worth


To be grateful without action is not grateful at all

Help me show my thanksgiving by heeding your call

To deny myself daily and pick up my cross

Follow my God to the lives of the lost

And live my gratitude through love at all costs





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