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The Christian believes the truth about people – that we are all valuable. Every person is created by God in his own image and is loved by Him. People are the crown of creation. There is no higher view of mankind as a whole than that of the Christian. This includes all people… every single one.

The Christian also believes another truth about people – that we are all broken. Every person has strayed away from God’s plan and design. We all struggle with sin. We are all, in a very real sense, broken.

We are all the same. There is no belief-system that affirms equality more than the Christian. We are all valuable and we are all broken. No one is better or more worthy than anyone else.

Thankfully, we also know the truth that there is a mighty, perfect and wise God who teaches us how to live rightly. This is not so that we can be good enough to please Him, but so that we can live as we were designed to in a close relationship with Him.

God does not want us to just do whatever we want to do. This is because He knows that much of what we want is not good for us. We were created to live and thrive in a certain way and God, our Designer, is uniquely able to point us in the right direction. He is our Maker. He knows us better than we know ourselves. More, He gave up his own life on the cross to make a way for us and restore us to his design. He loves us more than we love ourselves. He is perfectly qualified to show all of us – all people created by Him and all people who are all inclined to sin – how to live. And this is why Christians stand against same-sex relationships.

It has nothing to do with promoting inequality. Instead, it stems from the understanding that we are all the same. We are all equally in need of God’s direction, help and wisdom when it comes to how we should live.

Jesus said that one of the greatest commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself. Love is central in this discussion about same-sex relationships, marriage and more, so please hear this: real love wants what is best and not just what is wanted.

God is clear that sexual sin is not good. It goes against our design. When we engage in it, we are choosing to go against God’s best for us. This includes lust, adultery, same-sex relationships, pornography and more. However, the hot-button issue in our culture now is same-sex relationships.

God wants our best. He is not wanting to give us temporary pleasure in place of long-term joy. He is not willing to agree to our passionate desires instead of his perfect ones. He does not want to give us what we want if that means that we do not get his best. He wants the best for us.

As Christians, we want to love our neighbors by standing up for their best – that is God’s design for relationships. Those who stand for God’s true and good design are not bigots who don’t believe in equality or love. On the contrary, they are the ones who believe in equality most firmly and want love the most.

The world wants yes-men who will agree to our every desire because we want it so bad. God wants best-men who will stand for God’s best because it truly leads to lasting joy. In a world that has forgotten or rejected what love really is, let’s show everyone that we do believe in real equality and love by being obedient to God. Let’s follow and trust in all areas of our lives including our relationships.

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  1. Cara says:

    I love where it talks about God being our “Designer.” That says that He loves us, that we are special to Him, created by Him, and that He carefully thought out each of us; uniquely made. Not one of us are the same. We are created in HIS OWN IMAGE. What a privilege that we were molded and shaped by our perfect Creator! He does not make mistakes. We are treasured by Him and for Him. He does not make junk. Since He created us, then He has our best interest at heart. With all that being said, then wouldn’t it be true to say that He knows what’s best for each of us…

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