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There are many factors involved in spiritual growth, but there is are two aspects that are central. First, God is  faithful to grow his people. He is involved. He is working. He is strong and wise to make a difference. The other factor is us. We need to come draw close to God. We need to get into his Word. We need to make time to meet with Him so that He can work  in us. Can a relationship grow without quality time? No. That  would  be like a tree growing without soil and water. It will not happen. God invested the life of his Son in you – will you invest your time in Him?

The Bible and time are all you need, but here are some resources that can help you start setting apart time to meet with God:

1) YouVersion – the Bible App: Create an account and have the Bible with you at all times. There are numerous translations and hundreds of Bible-reading plans.

2) BibleGateway – Another Good Option: If you aren’t into YouVersion, BibleGateway has a site and app that offers similar material.

3) A Guide to Help You Start: Don’t know how to start a quiet time? Has it  been a while so you need a refresher? Or are you just looking to improve your time? Use this guide to get the ball rolling.

4) Personal Discipleship Planning: If you want to have help in your walk from a leader in the church, you can. Email Kelly ( and we will work with you to create a personal plan  for spiritual  growth.

Christ paid too big of a price in order to be close to us for us to not draw close to Him. Let’s go. Let’s grow.

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